Maintenance Module

You plan your servicing and review tasks once with the desired intervals and maintenance points, and asa-control then automatically plans and initiates measures, and monitors adherence to deadlines. Once feedback is received on a task with interval planning, the person responsible for implementation is notified by e-mail.

  • Maintenance and review interval-controlled or manually planned
  • Repair orders recorded and initiated directly in the plant structure
  • Management of areas, buildings, locations, installations and equipment (structure tree)
  • Classification up to structural component, maintenance centre and activity level possible
  • Images and documents for installations, equipment and structural components
  • Assignment allocation by type (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, etc.)
  • Test tool management
  • Test tool review including working instructions and logging
  • Loading and lifting equipment management and inspection
  • Implementation control | escalation system with e-mail notification
  • Automated documentation of performed work